THE biggest problem in the whole universe!

I know I haven’t actually posted a rant on here yet, but I’m not new to ranting in general. I know how this crap goes down. So I’m just gonna say this right out of the gate: when I rant about something, it doesn’t mean I think it’s the biggest problem in the universe. In fact, I’m almost certain to be well aware that it’s not the biggest problem in the universe, because if it’s that big a deal, I am probably doing something about it instead of ranting. Rants are for venting about whatever. If someone promises to buy me a mansion and then they don’t, well, this isn’t a problem I’ve ever had before, but I’m gonna wager that it would be disappointing. I mean, you think you’re going to get a mansion. And then you don’t. That sucks just a tiny bit, and I think you should be able to rant a tiny bit too.

So save yourself the trouble of writing comments like “this is hardly the most important thing” or “there are bigger issues to worry about” or “are you really this upset about such an insignificant thing?” I already know it’s not a big deal, and even if I rant about it for five paragraphs, it doesn’t actually mean I’m tossing and turning all night about it. It just means I had some crap to say and this is where I say it. Once I said it, I probably felt better and moved on. And if I didn’t, you’ll get to read about it again later. And that’s how this crap goes down around here.



Sometimes my brain is a black hole, drawing in stupid thoughts and letting them fester for far longer than they should. And then I blog about it.